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Hi, my name is Riley

Welcome to my full-stack web development portfolio. See below to view and demo my projects.

My Web App Projects

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This is a front-end challenge project utilizing the GPT-3 AI Model by Open AI. According to OpenAI, "It can process plain text prompts and produce outputs that are hard to distinguish from human writing".

I built this app originally with Vanilla Javascript and rebuilt it using React.

Live App Repo
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This project demonstrates the use of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP) stack and CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations in a full-stack application.

This was accomplished by creating a hotel booking system with PHP on a Linux server running Apache and a mySQL database.

Live App Repo
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The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the use of a modified MEAN stack (mongo, express, + nodejs) and CRUD operations.

To accomplish this, I created a blogging app system with NodeJS, Express and an API with create, read and update operations which is connected to a Mongo database.

Live App Repo
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The functionality of this app was built with vanilla javascript. The localStorage window object was used to store application data. Document Object Model (DOM) Manipulation was used to access and modify elements using javascript.

HTML and custom CSS for structure and styling.

Live App Repo


She is a well-rounded developer who has both the Front-End and Back-End skills.

Riley is a pleasure to work with. She is a well-rounded developer who has both the Front-End and Back-End skills. As a student, she took every assignment to the next level; always putting in 100% effort. Riley was a pillar in the community of our class, always helping out her classmates and making them feel comfortable. She is a real team player.

Tenai Scott

Software Developer, Loopio

...communication skills and a very proactive teammate

Riley was a classmate of mine during Selkirk's Web Development program. She is a leader regarding her communication skills and a very proactive teammate. She also had some neat solutions to some of the backend challenges. Riley is a skilled digital artist, and I enjoyed listening to her feedback on branding, layout, and presentation. I recommend her for any position based on these skills.

Nick Jmaeff

Full-stack Developer, Dev Ops, System Developer SMRT1 TECHNOLOGIES LTD


You can reach me at info@rileyidev.ca, or by using the form below :)

About Me

I am a graduate of the Full-stack Web Development Certificate at Selkirk College where I've discovered a love for coding and problem-solving. I enjoy working with others on creative and technical projects. See below for some web development technologies and languages I am familiar with. Or demo some of my projects HERE.

Additionally, I am a graduate of the Digital Arts Diploma at Selkirk College, Nelson BC (April 2021). I have worked on various digital media, video and design projects since graduating Digital Arts (see my LinkedIn Profile).

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About this site

This site was built with html, PHP, javascript and SASS. The logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator.